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MdL Architects

The letters MdL stand for ‚Manifest der Lading‚ meaning ‚ Manifest of Load, which is an old Dutch nautical term for a document from which a ships load could be deduced by parties concerned. This was chosen as the name of our architectural firm as it was founded in a former harbor area of Rotterdam; the Lloydpier.

To us it also refers to the different load the firm carries and delivers, in expertise as well as in outcome.

MdL executes architectural, interior as well as consultancy and urban development assignments.

Staff members with various professional skills contribute to the result. Each assignment thus obtains a certain stratification. The broad experience obtained from assignments for cultural, commercial and government institutions assist us in doing so and enables us to play an active role in the proces at hand.

It is a challenge to MdL to convert simple and complex assignments into transparent design. In each assignment MdL pursues the best solution for any given location, in combination with a solid program.

Enthusiasm and experience ensure that each assignment gets its proper attention, from urban development planning to architectural finish. We strive for a result in which aestheticism and practical use go hand in hand. Because of our specific approach our work has a surplus value.

By approaching each assignment from different angles, the result is never just a beautiful design by itself, but also an enhancement of the area and important; in satisfied users.